Rosebud Preserves - Fruit for Cheese

Rosebud Preserves - Fruit for Cheese

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Rosebud PreservesThree special and delicious preserves, perfect for cheese, in our new medium sized jar.

Includes Smoked Apple Butter, Damson Fruit Cheese, Pear and Brandy Conserve.


Smoked Apple Butter

Sweet, smokey and piquant with Bramley apples, cider vinegar, Madagascan vanilla and whisky.

Enjoy with Wensleydale and Farmhouse Cheddar.

Ingredients - 105g

Apples 131% (Bramley 76%, Granny Smith 42%, smoked Bramley 13%), fresh lemon juice, cider vinegar, vanilla pods, unrefined cane sugar, Whisky 5% (ABV 40%).


Damson Fruit Cheese  

A sweet/sharp and vibrant fruit preserve, naturally set with unrefined cane sugar.

Pair with Brie, Camembert and Blue Cheese.

Ingredients - 113g

Damsons 120%, unrefined cane sugar, fresh lemon juice. Prepared with 120g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 92g per 100g.


Pear & Brandy Conserve

All the freshness of English Pears, enriched with Somerset Cider Brandy, Naturally set with unrefined sugar. 

Ingredients - 113g

Fresh pears 92%, unrefined sugar, water, Bramley apples, lemon juice, Somerset Cider Brandy 2%, Cider 1.5%. Prepared with 110g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 60g per 100g.